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“HELP” of Denia and Marina Alta aim to provide assistance in an emergency and/or in the short term where people, due to health problems are unable to cope adequately themselves.

For instance: Following discharge from hospital
  Finding residential care either for convalescence or long term
  Finding appropriate help or care for an individual, who may be elderly or infirm, cope in their own home

Wherever possible and following an assessment of needs, our assessor will aim to find capable volunteers to help in the short term and if necessary advise and recommend reliable professionals to help in the long term

“HELP” does not normally provide nursing care but we may be able to assist in certain circumstances for a few weeks, after an assessment and where no other nursing care is available.

Please ask for help before problems become major, sometimes advice, which costs nothing may save any unnecessary discomfort.

Please contact  the Help Office by email or phone  which has a 24 hour answerphone.
Help Office, La Xara

Tel: 966 427 044 or Email: help.denia@gmail.com

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