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Equipment Store

In November 2013 we opened a new “Office and Equipment Store” and transferred our Call and Information Centre and Equipment Store to this office next to our Charity Shop in Av. de la Mar 34b, La Xara.

This has allowed us to deal with matters in more appropriate surroundings .

We are open: Mon to Fri 10.00am to 2.00pm
Phone: 966 427 044  (24 hour answerphone)
E-mail: help.denia@gmail.com

Our volunteers often answer a range of requests, for a walking frame or wheelchair after an operation, for information on death and funeral arrangements, where to find suitable assistance with nursing and care, and also how to arrange body and organ donation.

We always keep a copy of our statutes, our AGM and Volunteer Meeting minutes, and our newsletters available in the office, and there is also a variety of information leaflets available.

We have many items of equipment available from our store, for short term loan, to assist whilst recovering from illness. This service is intended to meet short-term needs only, and items are normally loaned for a period of up to 6 weeks, however, requests for an extension to the loan period will be considered:

Armchair, Electric Pressure cushion gel/air
Bath Seats, various “Ripple Matress”
Bed back rest Sheepskin cushion or Ring
Bed block set of 4 Shower Chair
Bed side rails Toilet frame
Bed table Toilet seat, raised
Bedpan Urine bottle
Commode V pillow
Crutches - Underarm or Elbow Walking frame (folding)
Bed, Electric – hospital style Walking frame (wheeled various)
Hoist, Electric Wheelchair (including commode type)

No charge is made for the loan of our equipment, but a returnable security deposit is required for each item; the deposit varies from 15 to 50 euros. A donation towards the cost of providing and maintaining the equipment is always welcome when the item is returned.

HELP reserves the right to recall an item of equipment if the loan period is excessive, or it may require the original deposit to be forfeited and a further deposit made.

To borrow the equipment (subject to availability) contact the Office & Equipment Store.
For loan issues in an Emergency, including evenings and weekends, please call 965 788 707.

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