"HELP" of Denia and Marina Alta

"HELP" of Denia and Marina Alta

"HELP" is a volunteer group providing support in emergencies with illness, accidents, etc. when medical services are involved. We provide hospital visiting teams and an interpreting service at the Denia Hospital.

We also provide medical equipment available for loan.


  1. Persons of all nationalities are invited to enrol as Volunteers.
  2. All Volunteers do what they can in emergencies, but are assured of additional assistance from other volunteers when required, especially those within their own district.
  3. An Executive Committee meets monthly to review the activities and possible expansion of "HELP", and to account for the funds received and disbursed.
  4. The personal services of "HELP" Volunteers are free. However, persons helped are expected to meet Volunteers' out-of-pocket expenses (transportation costs, telephone calls, etc.)
  5. Meetings of all Volunteers are held periodically to liase with the Committee, and to co-ordinate and update information.


  1. Provides neighbourly assistance to all nationalities in cases of medical or other emergencies in Denia and adjacent communities.
  2. Provides a Help and Information desk at the Denia hospital, Monday to Friday 11.00am to 2.00pm.
  3. Provides a volunteer translation service at the Denia hospital, Monday to Friday 11.00am to 2.00pm.
  4. Provides a wide range of medical and home nursing equipment.
  5. Provides cars with volunteer drivers for transporting patients to and from medical facilities.
  6. Provides respite care in hospital or in the home.
  7. Provides shoppers and cooking for the housebound.
  8. Provides volunteer hospital visitors for English speaking patients twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.
  9. From moneys donated, by individuals and organisations, "HELP" donates equipment to the La Pedrera and Hospital de Denia hospitals, including specialised beds and mattresses and other equipment for long-term bed or seriously ill patients out in the community. "HELP" also donates specialised equipment to Community Health Centres in the Denia & District area, for use out in the Community as decided by the Health Centre Social Service Officers.
  10. Provides a HELP Centre for respite care and social activity. See Help Centre on a separate web page.


  1. “HELP" is not intended to provide continuing practical assistance to the chronically ill over extended periods.
  2. “HELP" does not advise on legal, financial or property matters.
  3. “HELP" does not provide money to cover medical aid or other types of emergency requirements.


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