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How you can help with "HELP"?

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SHORT DISTANCE: There are occasions when a person needs to attend a hospital or health centre and they cannot drive or walk to the nearest public transport.  You would normally be asked to help someone who lives in your area, and it usually means you would have to wait until the persons appointment has finished before bringing them home.

LONG DISTANCE: Sometimes people have to travel to Alicante or Valencia for hospital treatment and may not be capable or well enough to drive their own car. 

There are 2 charity shops, one in La Xara, one in Moraira. Both shops are open Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 1.30pm. Regular volunteers work on a weekly rota according to the day they offer. Volunteers are also needed to cover for emergencies and holidays.

We plan events throughout the year such as Quiz nights, a Charity Golf day, a Christmas Fayre, and we also provide an information stand at local events. They are always great fun to be involved in, either as a participant or as a helper. We need people to help organise these events across our area, by manning a stand, selling raffle tickets, or generally helping to make things run smoothly. If you would like to be involved or feel you have something to offer then please tick this box.

The HELP OFFICE is open Monday to Friday from 10.00am until 2.00pm. Admin staff are responsible for the general day to day running of the OFFICE, the loaning out and keeping a record of medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers etc), updating general information and documentation, and generally responding to enquiries and questions from the public.  Volunteers will need a basic knowledge of computers using Windows, e-mail, Word and Excel.

The Activity Centre is open on Monday each week from 10.00am to approx 4.00pm for contact and social activities, Volunteers are expected to interact with visitors by joining in with conversation, activities etc, making tea and coffee and generally working towards creating a welcoming atmosphere at the Centre. The Centre may also open on other days as demand arises.

People who have just come out of hospital or are temporarily housebound through illness may need a visit and a friendly face to talk to. Perhaps they need a hand with shopping or gardening whilst they recover; they may need someone to walk their dog or possibly to help with a simple “handyman” job whilst incapacitated.
However, visitors would not be expected to undertake tasks more appropriate to a professional nurse or carer.

We provide a team of volunteer interpreters who are on duty Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 1.30pm at Hospital de Denia in LA XARA.  Volunteer Interpreters work on a regular rota once every three weeks. New volunteers are welcome, and after an assessment of their medical Spanish they may be called upon to cover sickness and holidays.

Volunteers work on the Help Desk next to main reception in the Hospital de Denia as admin support to the interpreters and they are available to answer general queries when the interpreter is engaged in the consulting room. Fluent Spanish is an advantage. Help Desk volunteers are normally paired with an interpreter and work on a regular rota once every three weeks to match the interpreters.

If you are competent in the Spanish Language, but do not want the commitment of being on the Hospital Interpreting Team, your services could be invaluable for those who need help when dealing with the Spanish authorities, for example, a visit to the local doctor or chemist or the Town Hall.  Please volunteer only if your Spanish is fluent enough for this. There is no fixed rota for this service, as it depends on when a request for help is received. 

HOSPITAL VISITING TEAM: Volunteers on this team can visit English-speaking patients in either or both the Hospital de Denia in LA XARA and La Pedrera Hospital in DENIA. 
Hospital de Denia in La Xara: Visits take place every Tuesday and Friday after 4pm, but volunteers on this rota only make visits approx once every five to six weeks.
La Pedrera in Denia: Visits at any time to suit you and your adopted patient, but they need to be regular at least once a week.

It is normal in Spain for the relatives of patients to provide support in hospital at the bedside of the patient. By offering this service you will be able to give the relative a short break whilst they know that someone is nearby to lend support if needed.

Please note:

    1. Anyone wishing to join as a volunteer interpreter will need to be assessed on their language skills by Help before acceptance.
    2. If you are a volunteer for any “Help” services other than Transport, the cost of travelling is at the volunteer’s expense.
    3. If you volunteer to provide Transport, then travel costs for taking patients to and from appointments must be met by the patient, e.g. petrol, tolls, parking, but no charge can be made for your time.


    1. Volunteers who are asked to make contact with people requesting help are in a privileged position and should remember that any information relating to the person being helped MUST be treated in the strictest confidence at all times.
    2. Information should be shared only within “HELP” when necessary to maintain a reliable service, and should never be discussed with anyone outside “HELP”.
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