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Jalon Valley Help

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Jalon Valley HELP giving to the Community

Presentation of cheque to ADIMA

On Saturday June 23rd a lunch was held at the headquarters of A.D.I.M.A in Pedreguer , at which a cheque for 4,000 euros was presented to sponsor their summer activities . A.D.M.A. is the association for the disabled in the Marina Alta and the summer scheme provides a range of activities including swimming , picnics and outings for handicapped children and young adults.

The photograph shows Rhonda Ryan presenting the cheque

Presentation to Orba Medical Centre

Recently I had the pleasure to attend a very happy event and another little dream come true as we placed a plaque on the specialized medical treatment bed donated to the Orba medical centre by Jalon Valley Help in memory of Sylvia Anderson. Many years ago Sylvia began raising money for charity and over the years was joined by other likeminded people. From these small beginnings her initial efforts have grown into what is now known as Jalon Valley Help, a well-respected registered charity, which is committed to helping those in need. The donation was greatly received and appreciated by the medical team at Orba. It would have been Sylvia's birthday on May 25th, so what a lovely birthday present for her and for the community.

As Sylvia's daughter in law, I was there on behalf of all the family together with Jean Stokes one of her friends who has volunteered for the charity for in excess of some 20yrs.
Sylvia was lucky to have such a large family and many friends who, especially after her diagnosis with cancer and in her final years, she could call on for care and support, to pass the time with and lend a kindly ear to listen. Her beloved partner, Richard worked hardest to offer her round-the-clock care and companionship.

Lots of people here in the valley do not have the privilege of the support that Sylvia had and that is where the wonderful people at Help come in.

The volunteers at Jalon Valley Help not so much give up their time as invest it in other peoples lives. They make the difficult times that much easier to deal with and provide much needed help and support to those in need in whichever way they can. In fact they never stop with their fund raising and caring for the community, making sure people get to their medical appointments, helping with essential daily tasks and spending time with those who need company and giving primary carers a much needed break.

So this plaque, while dedicated to the memory of Sylvia, also stands to remind us of the unselfish acts which the group members carry out on a daily basis

What a pleasure it was to celebrate their success and money raised in Sylvia's name at the previous auction last October and see the money put to such good use.

Whilst we were at the medical centre we were reminded that with recent cut backs to budgets the medical team will struggle especially over the summer months to cover any more than minimum hours at medical centres in the villages, and that the town halls could be called upon to provide transport to bring people into the main medical centre in Orba where necessary. Again Jalon Valley Help immediately offered their services for transport and to help out in any way they can whilst the medical team are so stretched.

So please to continue to support the Jalon Valley Help organisation, visit the charity shops and give whatever you can in time and donations, as it is only with your continued support and all the member's hard work, we can continue to make a difference and make these little dreams come true.

Thanks to all of you.
Sharni Anderson.

Pictured here from left to right Jean Stokes JVH volunteer, Don Francisco Villar Alcalade Orba,Sharni Anderson, Dna Isabel Perez Espasa Chief Nurse and Administrator, Dra Soleda Server Doctor, Sheila Skinner JVH volunteer and Jordi Marti member of Orba medical team.

Presentation of 5000€ to Fontilles

Jalon Valley Help volunteers have once again demonstrated their support for Fontilles. In recognising the importance of their efforts in caring for the sick and elderly, the local charity has again provided financial assistance.

Elaine Horton, Vice President of Jalon Valley Help, pictured here with Father Jose Luis Beneito, was privileged to hand over, on behalf of their volunteers, the sum of five thousand euros and in so doing took the opportunity to congratulate the staff of Fontilles on the work they do.

“Fontilles” she said “is a truly remarkable place and a visit here is a humbling experience. Tucked away in the mountains Fontilles, a world authority on the treatment of Leprosy and the diseases that arise out of poverty, also provides accommodation for over 40 individuals in the hostel and in excess of 80 Alzheimer/geriatric patients in the Borja Unit. The environment provided is exemplary and is one of care and tranquillity, a testament to the hard work and commitment of all those who work here. They are clearly an example to us all”

Presenting 2000€ worth of food to Gandia Hostel

Together with members of the committee of Jalon Valley Help Cilla Gould and Jim Harkness, volunteers, delivered two thousand euros worth of food to the residents of the Gandia Hospice. The charity has supported the work of the hostel for many years and has always been impressed by the quality of care offered. The hostel, which is heavily reliant on the generosity of the community and the good will of volunteers, provides accommodation for fifty homeless men some of whom are terminally ill or profoundly handicapped. Volunteers travel from all over the Communidad de Valencia to provide assistance, to prepare meals on a daily basis and to provide social contact; given the caring atmosphere within the unit their efforts should continue to be supprted and loudly applauded.

Presentation of 3,000€ to Caritas

Recognising in these difficult financial times that locally there are many very needy families the hard working volunteers of the local charity ‘Jalon Valley Help’ have raised money to ensure that no one goes hungry in the Val de Pop. Mary Wood, one of the longest serving members of the charity is pictured here taking great pleasure in handing over the sum three thousand euros to Don Pablo the local priest who, together with members of Caritas, will distribute food when necessary to families living within the nine villages that make up the Val de Pop.

A spokesperson for the charity said that ‘We are committed to ensuring that help and assistance is offered to the most vulnerable in our community and in order to do this we are reliant on volunteers giving their time and efforts to ensure that this is possible. Volunteering can be fun and even in the most difficult of situations rewarding so we would encourage those with time on their hands to give us a call on 659624643. We need people with all sorts of skills who can give us just a few hours so please pick up the phone’

Presentation to MABS

The photo shows Jalon Valley Help President Rhonda Ryan presenting MABS President Jacqui Phillips MBE with a cheque for 1000€. This was raised in October at the Pink Coffee Morning and Pink week in the Jalon and Alcalali Charity Shops.

Presentation at Murla Medical Centre

Pictured recently at the Murla Medical Centre, Rhonda Ryan President of Jalon Valley HELP and Sheila Skinner a HELP volunteer, presented to a very grateful and appreciative medical team a gift of a new portable defibrallator and two pulse oximeters. These life saving items as used by ambulance paramedics cost nearly 2000 euros and Dr. Juan Bisquert the Doctor at both Murla and Parcent surgeries expressed his thanks. Pictured here Isabel Pérez, the Co-ordinator/Director of the Centro de Salud at Orba holding the new machine and Raquel Marí the nurse for Murla and Parcent. The portable equipment will be available to both centres and where needed in the area, providing a rapid response to emergency situations that can, literally save lives. Also present to express her appreciation was Dña Josefina Roca the Alcadesa of Murla.

Jalon Valley Help backs new community initiative

Early in the New year a Mums and Tots Club was founded in Jalon. Open to everyone in the Jalon Valley, it soon attracted Mums from Calpe, Javea, Benitachell, Teulada, Orba etc. Now established 6 months the Club has grown very quickly and become a great place for Mums to meet for a chat and a cuppa while the children play together. The cost has been kept deliberately low at just 1€ per adult attending and this of course has encouraged Mums, Aunts, grandparents etc to take their little ones. There are German, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch and English children all playing happily together as seen in the photograph.

It takes place every Monday morning from 10.15 to noon at the Town Hall in Jalon. The children have a wide selection of toys to play with, many of which have been provided by Jalon Valley Help as have the musical instruments everyone has to play when they join in with singing and musical games which close the session.

Rhonda Ryan, President, pictured here with some of the children, said on behalf of the committee that the Charity was keen to encourage the development of new community initiatives within the valley and that the group should be congratulated for leading the way.

ADIMA´s center in Pedreguer

Jalon Valley Help committee members take time out of their busy fundraising activities to spend a very enjoyable afternoon with the volunteers and children at ADIMA´s center in Pedreguer. After chatting with the staff who provided very welcome tea and cakes, the members of Jalon Valley Help were pleased to present a cheque for 3,000 euros. These monies will be used to help fund their annual and very valuable summer play scheme for children with learning disabilities whilst at the same time providing some respite for their families. Over the years Jalon Valley Help has consistently provided help to this organisation and hope to become regular visitors in the future.

Fashion SHow 1st April 2011

Occasions of Jalon and Orba very kindly staged a Fashion Show recently to raise money for the charity. Over a glass of wine the 70 people who attended were able to see the latest Spring Fashions modelled by local ladies. A raffle was also held and Jalon Valley HELP were presented with a grand total of 302€. They would like to thank Occasions, the models and all who attended and made it such a successful event.

Comedy Tonight by PhilipAshleys 'Sounds Familiar'

Jalon Valley Help hit the spotlights yet again at the Careline Theatre when despite torrential rain and howling winds nearly 200 people turned up to listen to a most enjoyable evening of ´Music and Mirth´ performed by Philip Ashley and his singers. Just prior to the final medley, Philip was pleased to present Rhonda Ryan, President of the charity, with the sum of 857euros.
In thanking the performers for their generosity Rhonda also took time to thank the ´Careline Theatre Group´ for allowing the free use of the theatre and all those individuals who continue to support the work of the charity.

Presentation to Alcalali Surgery

The photographs show Jalon Valley HELP President, Josie Lucas making a presentation to Doctor Ana Ambel and Nurse Agustin Oltra of the Alcalali Surgery. Gilly Adams on the right interpreted as equipment costing €3,225 was presented. The equipment consisted of a Portable Electrocardiogram, Paramedic Defibrilator, Ear Syringe equipment and a Fingertip Pulsometer. The surgery staff were delighted to accept this important equipment from Jalon Valley HELP which will benefit the patients of Alcalali greatly.

Donation to Centro de Acogida S.Francisco de Asis/Gandia Mens Hostel

Committee members Maureen Hawksby and Elaine Horton together with Mary Stevens and Marlise Ryckevorsel (two long standing Jalon Valley HELP volunteers) took up two cars full of food and clothing, together with some money with which to provide the men with shoes. In total a donation of 2000 euros was made.

Currently the hostel provides care for 42 homeless men, many of whom are disabled and require nursing care, they also provide convalecent care and nursing for the terminally ill. Volunteers provide pretty much everything from financial support, cooking meals and cleaning, to a volunteer doctor and chemist who provide the more specialist care. It really is a special place run by three priests, one of whom is pictured here with Mary and Marlies. The care is excellent and the home beautifully clean and welcoming.

500€ Donation to Calpe Soup Kitchen

David Casado runs a soup kitchen in Calpe and was happy to receive a 500 Euro donation. On an average day David and his volunteer helpers feed 100+ homeless people. As well as cooking meals for the homeless he also provides shower and toilet facilities.

The photograph shows David in the Dining Area of the Soup Kitchen with Trish Murphy from Jalon Valley HELP.

Presentation to Childrens Home in EL Vergel

Jalon Valley HELP have provided study desks and wardrobes plus additional storage spaces in all of the bedrooms at the Childrens Home run by the EMAUS charity in El Vergel.
In total 2,100€ has been donated by Jalon Valley HELP in order to refurbish and modernise the childrens bedrooms. These purchases and modernisations will greatly improve the lives of the children cared for in this home.

The photograph shows Josie Lucas Chairman of HELP (left) together with Dori the Cook (middle) and Christina, the House Manager(right)

Jalon Valley HELP appreciates your support in its charity shops and at its fundraising events which in turn allow it to support the local community as seen above.

La Llosa De Camacho

The residents of Llosa de Camacho have benefited from a donation this week from Jalon Valley Help. A donation of 2500 euros was made towards the costs of their new recreation area created in the village. The donation was specifically made to cover the cost of the special playground surface that has been installed in the children´s play area.
Pictured here is Josie Lucas, President of Jalon Valley Help, presenting the cheque to the Mayor of Llosa Kiko Costa. Jalon Valley Help were thanked for their generous donation by the Mayor who was said that he was delighted that there was now a safe surface area provided for the children in order for them to play safely.


Jalon Valley Help have recently visited the ADIMA association in Pedreguer which is a centre for disabled people of all ages. Jalon Valley Help recently made a donation to the organisation of 3,000 euros which is enabling the centre to run a summer school during July and August when the special school in Denia, which the younger people attend during normal school time, is closed for the holidays. Our donation has enabled ADIMA to employ three assistants during the summer break providing supervision and activities for the young children and adults keeping them stimulated and occupied during the time they are at the centre.

The group photos shows some of the children plus Celia, the Director of ADIMA, together with Claudia, Rosanna and Estelle, the assistants. Rhonda Ryan and Angie Vickers are shown representing Jalon Valley Help. Celia expressed her deep thanks to Jalon Valley Help for their continuing support of their organisation and said that in these economic times it was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain the financial support that they had received in the past from local Town Halls and the Valencian community, therefore support from organisations such as provided by Jalon Valley Help was invaluable to enable them to provide this much needed facility.

Presentation of colour Printer to Jalon (First) School

Presentation to Lliber School

A colour printer was donated to CEIP Sts Cosme i Damia Lliber School by Jalon Valley Help. In the picture are Rhonda Ryan (Jalon Valley Help), Elies Andres (Director) and some very happy children.

Presentation to Expatriate Ostomates of Spain

Pictured outside Jalon Valley HELP's Alcalalí shop recently, President of JVH Josie Lucas, handing over a cheque for 1000 euros to be used to cover publicaction costs by the EOS association.

Expatriate Ostomates of Spain was formed by Cynthia Robinson in Javea in 1997. Cynthia pictured here with Treasurer husband Nigel and Secretary Barry Lapham were delighted with the donation.

This gives much needed funding to the their Association, which relies on the efforts of members and organisations like Jalon Valley HELP to raise money to enable them to offer their very specialised help and support to those who need it.

An active member of the Spanish Federation of Ostomy associations in Madrid and with a seat on the World Council of the International Ostomy Association, EOS Javea are able to offer practical advice and confidential chats at their regular coffee meetings.
Their dedicated helpline 96 646 0063 will reach the people who know how important it is to have practical and supportive advice from people who understand the stress and trauma of the illnesses and treatments. And the lifestyle changes required to get the best out of life for themselves and their families.

Jalon Valley HELP are delighted to be able to support them in their efforts.

Presentation to Tormos School

In this photograph are volunteers from the HELP shop in Jalon presenting to Ana the principal of Tormos School a cheque for 1000€

With this money it is proposed to buy radiators for the school.

Presentation to Benigembla School

Jalon Valley HELP have been making more generous donations to the local Vall del Pop schools.

Here is a picture showing Isabella Gascó Moltó, Directora of Benigembla Infant and Primary School with fellow teachers Robert Chova Malonda and Alicia Martínez Escolano.

The cheque for 1133.95 was presented last month by Jalon Valley HELP to pay for items bought for the small village school.

With only 24 pupils between 3 and 12, all were able to benefit from the new play Kitchen and Supermarket, which the staff said were invaluable teaching tools for the children, together with two new xylophones, played expertly by some of the more musical of the older class.

C/De Mig 3, Alcalali, Alicante
Tel: 659624643

La Asociación esta inscrita en el Registro de Asociaciónes Alicante No 7699 Y CIF G53546156

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